Friday, 30 November 2012

My first Craft Sale

A Girly Fayre

Wow I am getting adventurous.  Last night my friend and I hosted our very first 'Craft Sale'!!

Imagine a Avon type party but with handmade gifts.   We set up a stall and provided nibbles and wine.  Friends and neighbours popped in had a browse, had a drink and a chat.

Lots of lovely compliments and sales so we both feel very proud.  It was very nerve racking though hoping people will like what you have made.

Here are some picci's

looks so lovely

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Afternoon Sewing

What to do on a miserable Sunday.

Well after the purchase of a lovely new sewing machine (Singer) lovely lovely machine.  It needed a machine cover.  The one that came with it was a bit flimsy! 'Carrier bag quality!

So I have a huge stash of material thanks to my charity shop finds and I made this very simple cover, quilted for some added extra protection.  This is some 1970 St Michaels (M&S) curtains. Soon to be a bag or two.

It fits snug and looks pretty, which it needed to as the machine is out all the time now and hubby is fed up of looking at it.  Still if he got on with the extension to the house and built me a sewing room then he wouldn't have to look at it so there!

lovely bright cover with boxes to hide all my stuff!
Mum what can i sew?

K has a tiny 14.99 sewing machine battery operated - bless - you could walk away make some tea and go back to it and it would still be sewing along - only straight lines.

She wanted to make a patchwork quilt but with only an hour of makey-do time we decided to work on a quilt/applique with all her bits of scrap material she hoards.

We did a good job together - and it is going to hang up in the dining room.

Don't you love my table cloth!

Thinking hearts - K decided this - not sure what it means!

This is a picci of my bag - made for me - specially for me.

I promised myself a bag from this material.  It even has an  zip in the top to secure it but it was a bit of a faff to do.

 All mine - lovely lovely bags (live laugh love on the label)

Dotty insides!

Monday, 29 October 2012



This is my venture into necklaces.  I have made quite a few but they are all things that I would wear.  The girls H and K really liked them to and wanted one for themselves.

I can not claim the idea they are things I have found to do to occupy the girls during half term.  The Internet is a life saver on cold miserable days.

These are our necklaces from Scrabble tiles - one each for me and the girls.

I love my sewing machine

These square tiles necklaces are made using mini pictures from an American digital artist called Angie Young.  Her artwork is lovely.

Waiting for the glaze to dry

Photo not rotating!!
The following pendants are made with square glass tiles and paper craft paper

Bliss, Live, Happy

These pendants are made using a metal disc, paper and glazed.  They look really good.

not finished

If you know me and want one let me know xxxx

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Sewing Creations

This is the lates makeyDo creations

Christmas bunting

Perfect for the fire place

Thursday, 9 August 2012

More holiday makes

More Stuff

Here are some images of a few makeydo projects i have completed during the summer hols.

Meet Bloober (Katie named him)
This was the test toy but K liked him and has claimed him for her own.

Flutterby Coasters (shush Christmas pressie for someone)

fly away home for a cuppa

Thursday, 12 July 2012

More Other Stuff

This is a Pen Roll and book holder.  This was made really quickly to give me an idea of what it would be like.  It is okay!  Next time I will make it a little smaller and also use better ribbon and different coloured thread to contrast the pen holders. I would also make the flap fold over so it is not so bulky.

H likes it though so not a wasted hour.
Colouring Roll

Needs an iron!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Other stuff - Not Bags!

As the blog suggest I do make 'other stuff' - very much in the makeydo style - homespun and a little wonky

These are some coaster I made using my free sewing needle for the first time.  I really like them and they are often used.  I can not claim the idea though - it came out of a book like most of my makes.

This is an idea I took from the Internet.  The children are always collecting stone hearts or heart shaped objects for me.  This is my Jar of Hearts (like the song)  - It is a handy way to keep them.  Previous to this they were lying around the house or glue stuck to photo frames.  If I feel blue it always brings a little smile
Jar of Hearts

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


This is my youngest's (11) idea.  She wanted to make a beach bag out of some material I had bought some time ago as it was cheap. 

The front or back

The back or front
I cut out the pieces and directed her how to sew them together which she did. I think she made an excellent job.  I finished off the bottom because she wanted a square base to the bag and a little bird had told me how to achieve this but until now did not have the nerve to attempt it.

Saturday, 30 June 2012

Aprons - Time for T

This is a apron which I designed.  I was asked to make 10 of them for PTA ladies at the school garden party.  Each one was a little different and they got better as I went on.  That was a busy week, luckily I had a day of work so I dedicated that day to makeydo.

Some from the garden party asked me to make them a apron and this is the result.  I hope they like it.

Time for tea

Another cute label (freebie from a magazine)
p.s They also want a bag to.  Time to get the sewing machine serviced

Today I finished another bag and threw together an Apron I had promised someone from my daughter's school. The brief for the Apron was 'large pocket and pretty'. Hopefully this has hit the mark.

bit wonky on the bottom!

but the flower makes it alright!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Booties and Bags

These are some booties I created to give to a relative on the birth of her son.  I also made the little bag and freehand machine sew the heart onto the bag.  The label adds to the overall cuteness.  I hope they are well loved.