Sunday, 13 October 2013

Deckchair Stripes

Deckchair Stripes

Had a small piece of this lovely deckchair material which came as a bundle of scraps.  The colours are very candy floss and work well with the Bramble bird print material (bit of a luxury expense) to make this really pretty messenger bag.

Deckchair stripes

Bramble Birdies

This same material is teamed with some olive coloured linen. 

Bramble birdies

Back to Front and inside out. 

This is made so it is reversible.  Contrasting colours and internal pocket on the inside with a handy little detachable zip purse.  Cute.

More Pendants

Christmas Craft Fayre Time

Here are the latest makes from the 'TPot'


Vintage Birdies

I am sucker for anything pretty and vintage

Fly away love.

 Peacock Eyes

Daughter number 1 wanted me to make these - the 'in thing ' apparently!  I think they are a bit scary.

Eye eye!


Dictionary Quotes

These are good for me as I can not spell, I am a victim of spell checker I am afraid.

Believe, Fairy and Dream

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Scrappy Rabbit.

Say hello to Scrappy Rabbit.  - Mostly hand sewn and made up as I went along.  In the Shed from 6am this morning.  So sunny and bright just started playing around and this was the result.

It was so nice to complete after a frustrating couple of days trying to work out another style of bag which finally succeeded in doing.  despite sew - sew- sew- unpick- unpick- unpick- sew- sew -sew. 

I'm so pretty

oh so pretty

Upcycling - Things for my shed (T Pot)

The T Pot

Now that the Craft Shed is up and running (and filled with my junk), has it's official new name - 'T Pot' as in:
'T Bags' from the 'T Pot'. 
 I thought I would give a run down of how it has been fitted out.
Note the lush bag material yummy
My craft table was a re-purposed desk (pulled from a skip) which was stripped of the wood, cut to size, sanded down and made good with some table legs (found at the back of the garage).
Messy as usual.
  My coat hook hanger was hand crafted from an off cut of oak flooring and knobs from daughters broken check of drawers.  Shelves - husband fitted from old oak planks.
My 'easy chair' was purchased from a local charity shop - Perfect for a cuppa.
I don't have a wooden heart - but I do!

Drift wood heart (decoration). 
Youngest daughter and I made this from wood we collected from Devon beaches.

My work chair was donated from a friend.  It was a bit sad and broken down so I stripped it down, polished it and made a new seat pad for the chair.  It sits with pride and is just the right height.
I have moved in an old bookcase - left unloved and dusty in a corner of my house which holds all my patterns and books and bits and bobs.

Free motion machine embroidery - need to master this skill still.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mouse in my pocket


This is the third dolly quilt I have made (two last year for Christmas gifts)

This is very simple straight lines but with a hidden little pocket for a knitted mouse.  I love the colours and vintage patterns - so on trend at the moment.

Another Christmas gift finished in time!

I live here!

'Makey Do' by Tracey Bates

Doggy Stripes

Dog Mad

This is my latest creation commissioned by a friend. 
Because of the incident of the 'dotty material in the night-time' (see previous blog).  I did not have enough dots to make another similar bag so I used stripes instead.  I think it is just as cute.  Also as before each bag is unique cause I like it that way!

Hope the new owner likes it too!

Striped Dogs 

Compare and contrast!

Dotty Dog

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Things from the Shed

Pretty Pendants

This weekend I have been creating some tile and disc pendants.

The are very cute.  I have created some with matching glazed tins and others have matching envelopes.

This is me getting ready for Christmas craft fairs.

'T' Bags from the 'T' Pot

At Last

Here is my long awaited Craft Cabin aka the 'T' Pot.
It is a lovely calm relaxing place where I can feel inspired.

Doors closed!

Doors open - still waiting for shelves
This is my first 'T' Bag made in the 'T' Pot.  A lovely reminder of summer sun.
Happy Camping.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Dotty Dog- Bag

This is one of the latest bags I have ventured to make and finally finished today! 
I made very similar ones of with pastel birds in bird cages and dots.

I ordered the dotty material especially for these bags, however, youngest child decided to 'make' something and cut a huge chunk out of the lovely dotty material (from the middle no less).  A very expensive day!  Managed to salvage some of the dots and this is the result.  Material is now under lock and key with a special child friendly pile in case a creative moment hits the kids.

Front - pocket lined with doggy print


This bag is fully lined and has a doggy print internal pocket and also a small 'phone' size pocket on the outside.  This is because I struggle to find my phone in any bag I own.

Saturday, 24 August 2013


This should be on the Kids 'makeydo' page however, it was a joint effort.

The hearts are appliqued onto material. 

It is called 'Thinking Hearts' but youngest child named it and I am not sure what it means.

This is now framed ready to go into the Craft Shed.

Thinking Hearts

Pretty Pendants

Whilst waiting for the Craft Shed to be finished, I have concentrated on making some more pendants as they were very popular last Christmas.  These are more colourful and have either a matching glazed tin to hold the pendant or a pretty matching envelope.
These will be put for sale at my next Craft fair nearer Christmas.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Baby Booties

Baby Booties

Here are some pictures of some knitted booties in a bag made recently

Posted all the way to Holland for our little 'Sem' xx

Friday, 26 April 2013

You can never start too early for Shoes


This is the first pair of baby shoes I have attempted to make.

The reason for the two pairs is that that I accidentally made two left feet!

They look so sweet, just need a baby to model them to figure out what age they are for.
Green Flowers

Yellow flowers