Kids Makeydo


Katie painted this when she was very little. It is our house with a little garage on the side.  I outlined the painting and it hangs in the dining room- sweet!
by Katie

This was an Art project set by Katie's math tutor!  It is really effective.

by Katie

Crazy Creature - Warrior by Holly

Here is a good place to share the kids makeydo - whatever it is.
This is the first item.  H made this in school/home.  It is a crazy creature
It has a good side and a bad side - a bit like her.

Warrior 'Good'

Warrior 'Bad'

K's Art Cat

K made this out of lots of different materials.  I drew the shape freehand and she filled it in.  If you look very closely there is a tiny photo of K and H included.  The 5p for the eyes is really effective.  I love this, it hangs in my porch.

 Button Hearts by K

Hard to see the button heart in the middle.  It took me a while to realise where all my buttons had gone.  I especially like that one button has fallen off and remains inside the frame!

Love Heart Pot by K

K painted this over two weekends at Manic Ceramic.  As well as 'Love' she has written 'Peace and Joy' around the side.


Mosaic Photo Frame by H

This was a summer holiday makeydo.  We bought a cheap frame and used tile grout and stuck things in it.
sort of worked! just need to put photo in

K's House 

K made this at school in year 3 or 4 but I think it is great - very tactile.

Pile of stones

The kids are always collecting stones so i piled them up.  Husband saw stacks of stones in Arran an whilst walking with friends so now every time we go to a beach/stream/anywhere with stones we make a pile.

Mary and Joseph by K

K made this at school.  It is now part of my nativity set.  If you look really closely you can just make out Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus.

The Mask - found by H

H found this piece of bark on the floor of a Greek patio outside a bar were having a drink in on holiday.  It had come off a tree in one piece in this shape.  It is sort of freaky but looks like a face!  We managed to get it home in one piece and framed it so it would keep safe.

Peacock by H

  Hobbycraft has come to our town so both girls wanted a go at decoupage!
K made a Giraffe by I couldn't find it to photograph.

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