Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sunday Afternoon Sewing

What to do on a miserable Sunday.

Well after the purchase of a lovely new sewing machine (Singer) lovely lovely machine.  It needed a machine cover.  The one that came with it was a bit flimsy! 'Carrier bag quality!

So I have a huge stash of material thanks to my charity shop finds and I made this very simple cover, quilted for some added extra protection.  This is some 1970 St Michaels (M&S) curtains. Soon to be a bag or two.

It fits snug and looks pretty, which it needed to as the machine is out all the time now and hubby is fed up of looking at it.  Still if he got on with the extension to the house and built me a sewing room then he wouldn't have to look at it so there!

lovely bright cover with boxes to hide all my stuff!
Mum what can i sew?

K has a tiny 14.99 sewing machine battery operated - bless - you could walk away make some tea and go back to it and it would still be sewing along - only straight lines.

She wanted to make a patchwork quilt but with only an hour of makey-do time we decided to work on a quilt/applique with all her bits of scrap material she hoards.

We did a good job together - and it is going to hang up in the dining room.

Don't you love my table cloth!

Thinking hearts - K decided this - not sure what it means!

This is a picci of my bag - made for me - specially for me.

I promised myself a bag from this material.  It even has an  zip in the top to secure it but it was a bit of a faff to do.

 All mine - lovely lovely bags (live laugh love on the label)

Dotty insides!