Saturday, 30 June 2012

Aprons - Time for T

This is a apron which I designed.  I was asked to make 10 of them for PTA ladies at the school garden party.  Each one was a little different and they got better as I went on.  That was a busy week, luckily I had a day of work so I dedicated that day to makeydo.

Some from the garden party asked me to make them a apron and this is the result.  I hope they like it.

Time for tea

Another cute label (freebie from a magazine)
p.s They also want a bag to.  Time to get the sewing machine serviced

Today I finished another bag and threw together an Apron I had promised someone from my daughter's school. The brief for the Apron was 'large pocket and pretty'. Hopefully this has hit the mark.

bit wonky on the bottom!

but the flower makes it alright!