Sunday, 6 October 2013

Scrappy Rabbit.

Say hello to Scrappy Rabbit.  - Mostly hand sewn and made up as I went along.  In the Shed from 6am this morning.  So sunny and bright just started playing around and this was the result.

It was so nice to complete after a frustrating couple of days trying to work out another style of bag which finally succeeded in doing.  despite sew - sew- sew- unpick- unpick- unpick- sew- sew -sew. 

I'm so pretty

oh so pretty

Upcycling - Things for my shed (T Pot)

The T Pot

Now that the Craft Shed is up and running (and filled with my junk), has it's official new name - 'T Pot' as in:
'T Bags' from the 'T Pot'. 
 I thought I would give a run down of how it has been fitted out.
Note the lush bag material yummy
My craft table was a re-purposed desk (pulled from a skip) which was stripped of the wood, cut to size, sanded down and made good with some table legs (found at the back of the garage).
Messy as usual.
  My coat hook hanger was hand crafted from an off cut of oak flooring and knobs from daughters broken check of drawers.  Shelves - husband fitted from old oak planks.
My 'easy chair' was purchased from a local charity shop - Perfect for a cuppa.
I don't have a wooden heart - but I do!

Drift wood heart (decoration). 
Youngest daughter and I made this from wood we collected from Devon beaches.

My work chair was donated from a friend.  It was a bit sad and broken down so I stripped it down, polished it and made a new seat pad for the chair.  It sits with pride and is just the right height.
I have moved in an old bookcase - left unloved and dusty in a corner of my house which holds all my patterns and books and bits and bobs.

Free motion machine embroidery - need to master this skill still.