Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Mouse in my pocket


This is the third dolly quilt I have made (two last year for Christmas gifts)

This is very simple straight lines but with a hidden little pocket for a knitted mouse.  I love the colours and vintage patterns - so on trend at the moment.

Another Christmas gift finished in time!

I live here!

'Makey Do' by Tracey Bates

Doggy Stripes

Dog Mad

This is my latest creation commissioned by a friend. 
Because of the incident of the 'dotty material in the night-time' (see previous blog).  I did not have enough dots to make another similar bag so I used stripes instead.  I think it is just as cute.  Also as before each bag is unique cause I like it that way!

Hope the new owner likes it too!

Striped Dogs 

Compare and contrast!

Dotty Dog

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Things from the Shed

Pretty Pendants

This weekend I have been creating some tile and disc pendants.

The are very cute.  I have created some with matching glazed tins and others have matching envelopes.

This is me getting ready for Christmas craft fairs.

'T' Bags from the 'T' Pot

At Last

Here is my long awaited Craft Cabin aka the 'T' Pot.
It is a lovely calm relaxing place where I can feel inspired.

Doors closed!

Doors open - still waiting for shelves
This is my first 'T' Bag made in the 'T' Pot.  A lovely reminder of summer sun.
Happy Camping.